Anyone can beat anyone on any given day.

Goals for Tennis this Year

These goals are not something like, I want to win state this year. What I want is something like; I want to improve my serve so that I don't double fault in a match. Another example would be that I want to improve my knowledge of tennis tactics. When you come up with your goal think about how you will know when you have achieved the goal. Finally, what can I do to help you reach your goal?

Drills to Do at Home

We have little over a month to get ready for the upcoming tennis season. Now is the time to start preparing. set aside some time each day to do these short drills to get ready for the season.

Getting Started With Tennis

These videos are here to help whether you are new to tennis like me or a veteran tennis player. Reviewing the basics and adding to your knowledge is always a good step to begin with.

2024 Tennis Schedule

James Sasser

Boys Tennis Head Coach


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