Lockdown & Emergency Crisis Plan

UHS Lockdown Procedures

The administration at Union High School will use explicit communication in order to identify any threat or perceived threat to the students, staff or physical facility.  Three levels of lockdown will be utilized to protect the students and staff from these threats.

Level 1 Lockdown: 

There is a threat that does not directly involve the school or students.

Examples Include: High speed chases, Threats to non-school buildings, etc.

What we do:

  • Lock all exterior doors except for the main entrance

  • Keep classroom doors locked when possible

  • Classroom activity is to remain normal

Level 2 Lockdown:

There is a threat to a school in the district or information is presented that an event could potentially affect UHS.

Examples Include:  Event occurs in-district, fugitive is thought to be in the area, etc.

What we do:

  • Lock all exterior doors

  • Classroom doors are to remain locked and hall activity is to be limited during class

  • Classroom activity is to remain normal, but students are to be informed of the threat

Level 3 Lockdown:

There is a direct threat to the school and the safety of the school and those in it are at risk.

Examples Include: An active shooter, hostage situation, direct knowledge of planned event etc.

What we do:

  • Lock all doors

  • Classroom activity is to stop and students are to be informed of the threat

  • Students and staff are to remain out of window sight and in a protected area until an all clear call is communicated by administration or police

  • If instructed by administration or police, students and staff are to attempt an exit by any means necessary

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Emergency - 911
City Police (Dispatch) - 722-4558
Sheriff - 738-0196
Utah Highway Patrol - 789-3111
Fire Department (Dispatch) - 722-4558
Ambulance (Dispatch) - 722-4558

School District Office (Duchesne) - 738-1247
School District Office (Roosevelt) - 725-4500
District Transportation - 725-4629

Water Utility Company - 722-5001
Electric Utility Company - 722-2448
Gas Utility Company - 722-2521
Ubmc (Hospital) - 722-4691