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Pick Up/ Drop Off Notice

Dear parents,

This is Mike Ross, DCSD Transportation Director. Our main goal is to transport your student(s) safely from home to school and back. We have, however, had an increase of students wanting to ride the bus home with a friend after school without following the proper procedures. Attached is a "Courtesy Ride Student Request Authorization Form" for your student to ride a bus to a friend's house. This form requires a parent signature, the school administrator's signature, and a short description as to the reason for riding the bus. A verification stamp will be applied by a school official to the document after which the student will hand this completed form to the bus driver upon boarding. A blank form will also be available at your school's front office. DCSD Transportation appreciates your efforts to follow these procedures as we strive to ensure student safety.

Thank you!

Contact Information

Secretary—Debra Mitchell 435-725-4506

Altamont Routes —Gina Stevenson 435-738-1344

Duchesne Routes—Jacquie Duncan 435-738-1317

Special Education Routes/Roosevelt Routes—Cindy Labrum 435-725-4629

Tabiona Routes—435-738-1320

Head Trainer—Amy Beynon–435-738-1243

Transportation Director—Mike Ross 435-725-4522

Please make sure your students are at your bus stop 5-10 minutes earlier than the designated time.

For students who are second grade or under a parent or parent's designee must be present to receive the student at the PM drop off.

School Bus Loading/Unloading & Parent Drop Off Safety Videos

An ad for needed bus drivers.

Starting Wage: $20.63 per hour for first-year drivers!