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UHS LMC Policies

over 4 years ago

Circulation (Checkout)

*Students can check out materials after their account is setup on Destiny, our library management system.  Usually this will happen automatically within a week of enrolling in our school.

*Students can check out materials from the general book collection for a total of 28 days. These items can be renewed for an additional 28 days, but may only be renewed one time.

*Students may use materials designated as reference materials only in the Media Center. These materials have a spine label call number that starts with the letter R. These materials may not be circulated.

*Students may use periodical materials within the Media Center. These include local newspapers, state newspapers and popular magazines. Current periodicals are not circulated but older ones are available for checkout. 

*Students can check out a total of five items at once. Students may gain permission to check out more than five materials as need arises. However permission depends upon the status of the five materials previously checked out.

*Students will be provided notice of overdue twice every quarter through homeroom teachers. Overdue notices will encourage return or renewal of books checked out to particular students. The following material will be included in each overdue notice.

1. Name of patron with materials checked out.
2. Grade of patron with materials checked out. 
3. Home room of patron
4. Title of book checked out.
5. Author of book checked out.
6. Due date of book checked out.

*All books must be returned in the condition they are checked out in. Any books checked out should not be returned with damage that cannot be repaired. This damage includes…

1. Torn book covers.
2. Ripped, torn pages.
3. Writing, scribbles in permanent ink.

* Students who return books damaged beyond repair will be charged the replacement cost of the book.

* Students who fail to return books will be charged the replacement cost of the book through the student check out procedure. Cost of replacement can either be paid to a librarian, the finance secretary or may be withheld from student refund of fees paid. 

*Students will be charged overdue fines. Fines are $.05 for every day overdue. There is a 28 day grace period however, if the book is not returned by the 28th day retro-active fees apply.

Internet and Acceptable Use

Students at UHS are expected to follow the guidelines established by the 

Duchesne County School District Acceptable Use Policy

. In order for a student to use Internet and Network services at UHS a student and his/her guardian must sign an acceptable use form thereby agreeing to follow the policy set forth. To get a copy of the Acceptable Use Form you may download the PDF file linked below. Once the form is complete it must be submitted to the Media Center in order to be active. A form must be completed yearly to maintain Internet and network priveleges. If a student's priveleges are revoked during the school year a student may not reapply for priveleges until the following year.

Copyright and Students

First of all, the information in this page is intended to informative and will not even come close to covering all of copyright information. For complete copyright information you must refer to U.S. copyright law and legal counsel.

Copyright becomes a bigger issue every year and companies and individuals are increasingly protecting their rights as owners of intellectual property. It is their right to protect things that they have created. These creations include photographs, music, videos, artwork, any written creation and a myriad of other things both in hard and digital formats. Please be aware that simply because you are a student that you cannot take and use anything that you find. Certain things can be used in school projects under what is called "fair use". Usually this means that you can use a small amount of someone else's creation in something that you create if and only if you give the person that created credit in a bibliography or works cited document. On rare occasions, large amounts of a person's creation can be used after receiving written permission from that person.

Please be aware that copying and distributing music, videos, and other intellectual creations that make the creators lose money or royalties of any kind is illegal and you could be prosecuted by goverment officials.


Plagiarism is also illegal. Simply put, plagerism is taking someone else's ideas and claiming it to be your own. This could happen with any school project if you are not careful. Please give credit where credit is due. For strategies to avoid plagiarism you may download the Word document 

"Avoiding Plagiarism"


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