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Graduation Requirements

10 months ago

36 credits required for graduation

Language Arts         4.0

LA Lab (9/10th grade) 2.0

Math 4.0 

MA Lab (9/10th grade) 2.0

Science 3.0 Social Studies 3.0

   0.5 World Geography, 0.5 World History (Civ)

   1.0 U.S. History,  

   0.5 U.S. Govt/Citizenship

   0.5 SS Elective (College Social Studies Classes, Geography 2, World Civ 2, Current Issues)

Arts 1.5

Informational Technology 1.0

   0.5 Business Office Specialist 

   0.5 any other Computer Elective 

Physical Education and Health 2.0

   0.5 must be Health, plus 1.0 PE

   0.5 Fit for Life

Vocational Education 1.0

Financial Literacy 0.5

Electives 12.0


Union High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, ancestry, marital status, discharge, citizenship status, physical or mental handicap or disability.

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10 months ago

All scholarships are listed on Please follow this link these instructions:

1.   Go to

2.   Click “Free Sign Up”

3.   Fill out “Tell us about yourself”

4.   Click “Find Scholarships”

5.   Fill out your information. Be sure to choose your high school. It is listed as UNION HIGH, UT

6.   Find your scholarships!

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NCAA Resources

about 1 year ago

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