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Union Wins Homecoming Game

This week, the school was full of cougar pride! Aside from all of the dress up events, we had our big game against Richfield. Our boys have been preparing all season for the homecoming game!

On September 9th we played Richfield at Union for our homecoming football game. Both teams went into the game hyped up and ready to play. To start the game off, Union kicked the ball to Richfield and they returned it. On the second play. We made them fumble, and we recovered the ball. That was just the beginning of one of our better games so far this season.

During the first quarter Union took the lead with a score of 14-0! We continued to hold the lead strongly until the second half of the game. Richfield had high hopes of victory the whole game but couldn’t keep up with the cougars. Our offense and defense was just too strong to be stopped.

During the second quarter of the game Richfield caught a break and scored a touchdown, along with the extra point field goal. That put the score at 14-7, we were still ahead, but not by much. We returned the ball and kept the lead for the rest of the game.

During the third quarter Union scored a touchdown along with the extra point, giving us a 21-7 lead. The union crowd was going crazy; Students, alumni, teachers, and family had all come to support their schools and give the players a boost to do better. Later in the quarter we scored leaving the lead at a massive 28-7.

It wasn’t until the last quarter of the game that Richfield caught a break. They ran a good play and scored a touchdown and the extra point. That left the score at 28-14, but after they scored that touchdown we were pumped and ready to return the ball. Coming close to the end of the game, we scored again with very little time left on the clock. Leaving the final score at 35-14. It was an amazing game to witness and we're proud of the hard work that our football players and coaches put in to make the victory possible!

By James Sage

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