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Unboxing Mr. Cox

One of the newest additions to our school is Mr. David Cox, an English teacher with a love for travel and for Bigfoot.

Yes, that’s right- Bigfoot. The twenty-three year old teacher from Holladay, Utah has been Sasquatch hunting. Not only that, but he has listened to many stories from first-hand witnesses and has written a paper on the creature. That isn’t the end to Mr. Cox’s intrigue, however. Growing up, he was subject to using an old-fashioned typewriter to compose his essays for school. Not because he didn’t have a computer, but because his parents and siblings were always using the only one. His personal philosophy is incredible too; Mr. Cox believes that “[i]f you start thinking 

you’re definitely right all the time, you impoverish your own experience with the diverse people, places, and ideas in the world”. Certainly this idea will rub off on his students to make the school a better place.

He came to Roosevelt not just to teach, but to see what it was like. Having lived in suburbs, he “wanted to try the small town life out” which, despite many lifelong residents here would not recommend, hopefully is fulfilling his expectations. Being able to step right into teaching AP helped, too. Mr. Cox’s love for travel has taken him plenty of other places as well. Among his trips are Mexico, Vietnam, China, and Peru- the last of which included him getting lost alone in a mountain range. Even so, it still managed to rank as Mr. Cox’s favorite destination.

Union is excited to welcome Mr. Cox to its ranks! The school will benefit greatly from his presence. We’re glad that he has chosen to be among us, and we hope that the experience is as fun for him as it is for us!

By Breena Fulton

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