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The Girls Tennis Team is Playing Hard

Lets serve the latest news on Union High schools girls tennis team. The team has been preparing all season for these upcoming matches. Every team that we play against offers us new challenges. We are always ready to play our hardest and give it our all.

On Aug 18th, we played at Emery High School We took the floor and defeated them with a final score of 6-0. Even though we beat them we still showed good sportsman like conduct and congratulated the other team for trying their hardest. The coach was very happy about our victory and gave a great pep talk after the game.

On Tuesday Aug, 30th, Tooele came to union for a match. Once again the girls played their hardest and came out on top. Who’s to say hard work doesn’t pay off? We swept them away and defeated them with a final score of 6-0. Despite their loss Tooele kept high spirits and played their hardest.

On Friday, September 2nd, the girls tennis team played Uintah at Uintah High School. With good spirits the girls headed to Uintah in the evening. We went into the game and tried our hardest, but couldn’t come out on top. Even though we did not beat them we still showed team spirit and left the game happy that we played the best that we could.

On Tuesday September 6th, the team head to Stansbury High School to play Stansbury. With high hopes, the girls did their warm ups to get prepared for the match. Unfortunately, the girls lost both varsity with 1-5 and Junior varsity with 2-6.

On September 7th Grantsville came to union and we tried our hardest and played the best that we could but couldn’t come out on top. Overall the girls tennis team is doing excellent this year win or lose they went into their games and left their games with a smile on their face.

By James Sage

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