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New Voltron Leaves Viewers Starstruck

To those familiar with 80’s television shows, Voltron might not be such an unfamiliar name. However, there is a new addition to the beloved series that everyone should watch- Voltron: Legendary Defender.

In the show, a group of teenagers (Lance, Keith, Pidge, and Hunk) attending a school for flight are swept from Earth into space because a man named Shiro appears and is being chased by a hostile alien race, the Galra. The Galra are after more than just Shiro, however, and the teens end up escaping with both him and the 

other desired object- a giant, mechanical, blue lion. And that’s only the beginning of it. It turns out that there are four other lions like that, all of different colors, that ‘connect’ to each person. The Paladins- the name of those chosen by the lions- are then tasked with protecting the universe and defeating the Galra.

From the first moment of the show to the last, it’s a thrill ride. Voltron: Legendary Defender contains action, comedy, and even a realistic insight on what it would feel like to be swept away from home. Each character is carefully crafted with unique morals, personalities, and identities. Even the two friendly aliens from the planet Altea that the Paladins encounter not long after leaving Earth (Allura and Coran) are fully fleshed out, interesting individuals. The show is even completely clean- there is not one moment of profanity. The whole family can watch with no worries towards the content or dialogue. There’s something there for everyone to enjoy.

The show is a Netflix original series. The first season has finished, and the second season will be premiering later this year. There is no air date set in stone yet, but many are hopeful that it will release before December as the trailer was shown at Comic-Con on July 21st this year. All in all, this new installment of a beloved television show is a lighthearted, action packed, expertly constructed story arc that is sure to treat viewers with the time of their lives. Voltron: Legendary Defender deserves a full 5/5 rating.

By Breena Fulton

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