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Hockey: The Ultimate Sport

“Is hockey hard?” “I don’t know, you tell me. We need to have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner, and the concentration of a brain surgeon. But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds on a cold and slippery surface while 5 other guys use clubs to try and kill us, on yeah did I mention that this whole time we’re standing on blades 1/8 of an inch thick? Is ice hockey hard? I don’t know, you tell me. Next question,” says Brendan Shanahan.

Hockey, is a sport on the ice, a fast paced game, and where you have to have many skills in order to play, more than any sport.

In the sport so many people don’t know about, if a hockey player gets body checked they get right back up, and if there hurt, then they still get up, and if their hurt bad enough that when they try to stand up they fall down, then the do there best to get up. That takes some toughness. In fact there was a Boston Bruins (Hockey team) goalie who was bleeding out on the ice, and when he went to the hospital he asked the doctor to hurry up so he could finish his shift.

While hockey players are getting hurt and getting right back up, another issue is skills. For hockey, the skills needed are to aim, skate, stick handle, keep their head up, and learn how to shoot a puck, etc. In hockey the net is about as small as the goalie and getting the puck inside the net is extremely hard, but they still do it, because they do this thing called aiming.

While hockey players need Proskills, they also have intense games, in hockey the tension is always built, a breakaway, the 1980 US Olympic hockey team beating the Soviets with 4 to 3, and the soviets destroying the US 10 to 3, 2 weeks earlier, or at the end of the game a huge fight breaks out where the goalies get involved, between rival teams like the much better “Colorado Avalanche”, then the “Detroit Red Wings."

Hockey trumps any and all sports any day, even if it is the “Red Wings.” Hockey has skills from every sport, plus some that only hockey has. They are almost as tough as Chuck Norris. They know how to aim while shooting even if defensemen are on them trying to stop them from scoring, and the least exiting games are still more exiting then everything else, and again even if it’s a “Red Wings” game.

By Karsen Lewis-Hopper

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