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Girls Soccer Going for Gold

The Union Girls Soccer team is making a goal to place the state championship. They need to win at least three or more games to make it into third place of the finals list. They are working hard at practices and games to make it.

Our soccer girls are Abby Cook, Adraina Moore, Ajia Safley, Alexie Maylett, Allicia Williams, Amy Tribe, Bailey Willie, Brenley Murray, Brindy Bartlatt, Brittney Murray,Caroline Deaver, Celesta Graham, Chalynn Williams, Emma Rasmussen, Engel Miller, Erika Rea, Gina Spight, Hailey Busk, Hannah Hamilton, Kailee Riser, Kate Cranny, Kenlie Zager, Kortlan 

Duncan, Kristina Felkins, Machenzie Young, Maysie Scholes, Megan foote, Nayvi Neilson, Nicole Haakinson, Paige Hadlock, Rachel Bingham, Samatha Ross, Serena Garcia, Shaylee Collins, Taylor Myore, and Tori Ross.

Regions started September 6, 2016. The first game of the season was against Stanbury, Varsity 12-0 (l), JV 8-0 (l) Grantsville, Varsity 3-0 (l), JV 3-2 (l). Park City, Varsity 8-0 (l). Toole, Varsity 6-0 (l). The next games will be against Stanbury, Grantsville, Park City, and Tooele.The girls lost most of their games, but now they know what they need to do to win for the next games. For the pre- season they played ALA and did an amazing job. The girls kinda lost that spirit, but they came back during the game between Tooele.

They are going to take over the field in the next games and do their best. Union’s soccer girls are getting better day by day. They are working hard on coming together as a team to get the ball in the goal. They also have school spirit going to football games and volleyball games. The Union girls soccer team is the spirit of our school.

By Engel Miller

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